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How Narsis Works


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How Narsis Works

How Narsis Works?

          Narsis is a product developed from the Nobel-prize awarded technology called peptide fluid technology. The cornerstone of science of Narsis is the shrunken molecules of the solution that penetrates through the skin naturally. There, the product’s root extract will cleanse out the blockage that has been built up for all your years in the capillaries beneath your skin. Therefore, we can call Narsis a ‘Revitalizing Essence’ - it does not enhance your skin with additional solutions, it revitalizes what is already there.

          Your skin is beautiful. It was originally beautiful, from the time you were a small child. Narsis works to revitalize your skin to the days when it was pure. The importance of revitalization is not to be underestimated. It simply means that Narsis will stop the aging process of the skin by cleansing the blockages of the capillaries. As so, Narsis is best used as a foundation.

          A simple application of Narsis will finish your foundation. There is nothing easier than a spray - you just simply spray it on and let it dry. That’s all you have to do. The concept of a spray is simple: we don’t want you to touch it and we don’t want any chance of exposure to the dust in the area. Simple and clean with maximum efficiency. Narsis will re-establish your foundation.

Narsis is a ground-breaking cosmetic innovation. The revolutionary Narsis® technology ensures the time spent rejuvenating your skin can be maximized in a remarkably nourishing environment, allowing for optimal hydration and regeneration while bringing your skin into proper balance. The advanced technology has been tested on real consumers and has produced real results. These results are supported by research and clinical studies performed at U.S. medical schools.


  1. 1) Fills the empty crevices of your skin with collagen
  2. 2) Lifting - Stretches the epidermis of your skin to clear it of wrinkles
  3. 3) Revitalizes - cleans out the capillaries of your cells so that the cells may receive nutrients with more efficiency
  4. 4) Creates a film to keep your skin moisture.
  5. 5) Repairs damaged and stressed tissues
  6. 6) Sloughs off dead skin cells - reduces the appearance of dull tone skins
  7. 7) All natural ingredients allow frequent usage of Narsis - more usage, better skin
  8. 8) Does not conflict with other skin care products
  9. 9) Is easy to use - a simple spray any time of any day